Crown Books for Young Readers: Clean Getaway by Nic Stone

City of Windows

During a fierce snowstorm days before Christmas, a woman crosses a busy New York City street. A car stops to let her pass, but then lurches forward, killing her instantly. The driver isn't being cruel--he's been shot in the head. The bullet bursts through windshield, cranium, headrest and out the back window--a million-to-one sniper shot that leaves the FBI baffled by the who, what, where, how and why.

Special Agent Brett Kehoe seeks advice from ex-FBI agent and genius Columbia University astrophysics professor Lucas Page. Page left the FBI after an incident robbed him of his leg, arm and an eye. His reluctance to assist the Bureau vanishes when he learns the driver was his old partner. As the body count rises and the sniper's motive remains elusive, Page works with the FBI, matching wits with a brilliant killer.

In City of Windows, Robert Pobi's incredibly realistic plot transforms New York City into an otherworldly place. It's perfect for anyone who wants to melt into a crowd, even become invisible when hunched into winter gear. A lone figure in an army coat carrying a guitar case could be a musician, or his case might hold a rifle. Pobi superbly probes the depths of all his characters, but is especially masterful in his creation of the way Page can break down the logistics of any crime scene and the ESP-like abilities of Page's handler, Special Agent Whitaker. --Paul Dinh-McCrillis, freelance reviewer